Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Podcast on craft and skill

From the BBC:

"Last week the Prime Minister said that he wanted to make sure that "Britain raises its skills game to world class". Nowadays people have people skills, managers have management skills and leaders have leadership skills. But are these true skills - or are they rather aptitudes we are born with, perhaps something that can be learnt on a weekend course?

"Laurie Taylor is joined by sociologist Richard Sennett, author of a new work entitled The Craftsman and Grayson Perry Turner Prize winning artist and craftsman-potter. They discuss the meaning of 'true' skill, of craftsmanship - of the lifelong engagement with a particular skill or craft. Is there still a need for the craftsman’s ethic in our computer-driven, factory-made society where strings to our bows count for so much more than a way with wood?"

Listen to this radio programme here as Real Audio, or as mp3 podcast.


Blogger stefano said...

fortunately just been sent a copy of Sennett book and, listening to the podcast, I was inspired to see what else there is about the idea of craft practice in my uni library - amazingly, very little beyond multiple copies of Peter Dormer. Maybe this debate principally resides in academic journals?

3:35 pm  

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